• About STEAMagic (and Master Plaster)

    You’ve seen many curricula for teaching STEAM, and you’ve probably seen at least a few programs for teaching magic. However, we at Master Plaster are absolutely certain that you’ve never seen anything like STEAMagic!

    STEAMagic, as the name suggests, offers a hands-on, DIY, in-person, and online curriculum integrating science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) through the skills of kid-friendly stage magic.

    Why magic? What’s the educational value of card tricks, sleight-of-hand, and pulling endless handkerchiefs from your sleeves? Well, as with any traditional academic subject, teaching magic comes its own pedagogy: concentration, strategy, and a range of finely honed interpersonal skills. Magic also guarantees student engagement. Learning comes much more easily when kids are having fun.


    STEAMagic After-School Programs

    Your students will love our interactive after-school programs that foster creative thinking and quantitative reasoning within a framework of intuitive and interpersonal skills. Our STEAM programs encompass a wide range of science topics and provide children with opportunities for hands-on problem solving as they examine the what, why, and how of a good magic trick.

    STEAMagic courses are designed for kids age 6-12. They include dozens of instructional and practical hours tailored for your school’s scheduling needs and focused on these arts: close-up magic, creating and sustaining illusions, storytelling as an element of magic, and the creative science of balloon twisting. Along the way, students will learn the skills of presentation, stage presence, and audience manipulation.

    We can vouch for the engagement level of these activities, because they’ve been kid-tested and kid-approved over the last 20 years by Magician-in-Chief Todd Plaster. Our instructors are well trained in magic and classroom management (a magic all its own) — and they love kids, or else they wouldn’t be doing this!


    STEAMagic Course Materials

    Each module focuses on a magic trick and comes with a kid-friendly storybook based on that trick, a specific STEAM lesson plan, and student kits with related DIY experiments or engineering projects. STEAMagic also offers a wealth of online videos, as well as opportunities to join live-streamed events with other kids and magicians all over the world. In addition to the module-specific DIY kits, every child will receive a basic magic kit at the beginning, and a Master Plaster certificate of graduation at the end of every course.


    The Benefits of a STEAMagical Education

    STEAMagic is about more than just creating a new generation of kid magicians. Whether these young people embrace magic as a lifelong passion or check it out as a one-time after-school enrichment program, we hope they’ll enjoy learning the value of training, practice, and review that can be applied to developing any kind of skill. We hope they’ll build the confidence and relational skills necessary for presenting to an audience and reading other people’s reactions. We hope to encourage their creativity, boost their self-confidence, and just maybe inspire them to take up a new hobby.

    To recap the benefits of blending magic with STEAM education, this is a fun, unique approach that engages children with a wide range of science topics and provides them with hands-on learning opportunities. And when you cross the line from engagement to enthusiasm, you know you’re doing something right.


    About Our Founder

    Todd Plaster is an American who has lived and worked in East Asia for more than 25 years. His commercial ventures brought him to Japan and various locations in China, and as he pursued his career and became fluent in the Japanese and Chinese languages, he also developed his love of magic. Todd now lives in Shanghai with his family, where he and his children have experienced the rigorous Chinese education system. Todd’s heartfelt belief in the need for educational reform has merged with his delight in performing and teaching magic — and the Master Plaster brand was the inevitable result!


    About the Team

    At Master Plaster, we’re all about engagement. We live at the intersection of magic education and storytelling. In just three years, we’ve produced over 50 stories around our magic products, presented in books and videos — and our prolific R&D/creative team is just getting started! Creating for the STEAMagic curriculum is already inspiring us to new heights.