With his own company, Todd Plaster has been manufacturing and selling professional magic products since 2000. Also, as a hobby, since that time, he has been performing magic several times a month for payment.

Inspired by the birth of Todd’s first child Asia in 2008 soon after the character Master Plaster was created.  At the time Todd was doing mostly corporate magic and knew he wanted to starting doing more kids magic, this was a result of the joy he got spending and being with his new born daughter.

In 2015 Todd gave over the management of his trading company to his wife Julie and with her full support starting learning all he could about doing business online, as this was the new direction he wanted to go.  After nearly two years of learning and selling various products online and gaining the necessary experience Todd knew he had to start specializing in only one thing. 

In 2017 the brand “Master Plaster” a brand specializing in magic for kids and gag gifts was created.